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    Knitting Together the True Meaning of Collaboration

    Join the Circle, Free Your Mind

    Knitting Together the True Meaning of Collaboration

    Have you ever wrapped up your evening with a cup of herbal tea, tugging from a skein of the good stuff in your favorite color and textile (we prefer wool), and casting on a purl or two hundred? Maybe you’re an early bird, sipping your Vita as you put the finishing touches on that psychedelic oversized beret you’ve always dreamed of but could never find on Etsy, and like us, you went the DIY route.

    Knitting: it’s a practice we as a Studio have embraced wholeheartedly and out of necessity have come to love. As far back as November, we circled up and started to pitch concepts for the holiday card, and in the process, we realized it was time to get back to pure craft, to universal symbols of holiday spirit and of the region we call home. Clearly, we had no choice but to knit PNW-themed ugly holiday sweaters for all of our favorite clients and partners to enjoy! And so began SSC+Stitches, our studio-wide knitting circle.

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    By the time we had the last sweater blocked, a certain peace had manifested. Looking over our shoulders, we saw a jaunty, twisted path of haphazard self-discovery that softened into a wavelength one can only describe as “vibes, maaaaaaaaaan.” It’s an experience we recommend for all folks who have become disillusioned or detached by worldly context — chill out and knit, preferably with other folks whose company you enjoy.

    And, you know, if it’s not knitting, you can treat it as a metaphor for ignoring stuff that doesn’t matter and go appreciate some stuff that does — it’ll all be waiting for you when you’ve cleared your head a bit.

    ‘Til then…


    Go forth, download your own one-size-fits-all SSC sweater backgrounds and bravely don your favorite of the day before clicking “Join Meeting” and being overwhelmed by the admiration of your holiday fit by your peers.

    Need help putting on your sweater? Click here for Microsoft Teams, and here for Zoom.