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    From Studio SC, Direct to You

    Looking Back – and Ahead – This Holiday Season

    From Studio SC, Direct to You

    Direction is a funny thing. We move forward – but that journey is also built on all that’s behind us. As we approach the conclusion of 2022, we’re focusing on the many great things we’ve experienced as a collaborative. Together, our team crafted this anamorphic installation – an arrow comprised of 10 separate pieces taken to 15 different locations – shown through a video to greet you for the holidays. It’s our way of celebrating where we’ve been and where we’re going – with you.

    Every member of the studio had a hand in creating the installation. For each shot, five folks held two pieces each in the exact same position, symbolizing the teamwork and collaboration experienced throughout the past year. It allows the arrow to be seen consistently regardless of filming location, which is our way of representing how connection and creative invention are core to the studio. No matter where or how we work, we rely on the same dedication to exploration and bold ideation – and that’s something we’re reflecting on.

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    So watch the video and see where we’ve been. Because with each location – and every shot – we’re sharing a bit of where we’re going. A big cheers from all of us at Studio SC. We hope your own inspirations have you excited for all that lies ahead this new year.

    SC HC 2022 Infographic final