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    Here's to you in 2021

    Thank you and we wish you the best this year

    Here's to you in 2021

    At Studio SC our annual holiday card is a special part of our work culture. Our team of designers all come together in a full studio effort to create something special for you - our collaborators - to brighten your day and wish you well. 

    This year was different.

    Each one of us hand cut a one-of-a-kind paper banner under the guidance of artist Celeste Cooning. Each one tells a different story and is beautiful on its own but when they’re shown altogether they make something truly wonderful and represent an offering of goodwill for the season.

    We each had our own visual vocabulary and system for creating patterns but what was true for all of us was the sense of calm we enjoyed as we took time to work on something all together (albeit via Zoom).

    We are thankful for you and we wish you the best as we all move forward into the new year. We invite you take a moment and find a little joy in our handiwork and the stories our banners tell.

    Looking forward to when all of our stories can come together again.

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