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    Happy Holidays!

    Holiday Time = Groovy Tunes at Studio SC

    Happy Holidays!

    At Studio SC, music is a big part of our culture. Our team of 12 designers take turns as Studio DJ as we work together each day. This year we want to share that with you through our “12 months of 2019” playlist.

    Each Studio SC team member has chosen a specific song to evoke the vibe of a specific month of the year (12 months, 12 designers). Read on to find out who chose each song and why. Every song has custom artwork made by the individual who selected it. Paper collage is the shared medium – giving our team a chance to work with their hands – and each piece works with the others to create a cohesive “calendar story”, even though each one was crafted by a different individual.

    If you need a bit of inspiration and fun, listen to our Studio SC Spotify playlist and let your creativity flow!

    01 January Artwork by Rosie

    02 February Artwork by Cory

    03 March Artwork by Christina

    04 April Artwork by Kelly

    05 May Artwork by Phil

    06 June Artwork by Colton

    07 July Artwork by Haley

    08 August Artwork by Debra

    09 September Artwork by Maurice

    10 October Artwork by Billy

    11 November Artwork by Mark

    12 December Artwork by Sam