Weyerhaeuser’s New Seattle Headquarters

Weyerhaeuser’s New Seattle Headquarters

Stewardship and sustainable forestry are the foundation of the graphics and wayfinding system for Weyerhaeuser’s new headquarters in Seattle.

The company, which is currently celebrating its 116th year in operation, is an important part of the history of the Pacific Northwest. The new headquarters building and location mark a new chapter for the Weyerhaeuser team.

At the heart of the program are two stairwell murals: A Douglas-fir tree in the North stairwell and a Loblolly pine tree in the South by artist Olivia Knapp. Spanning the entire height of the building, the detailed botanical illustrations depict natural tree growth. For each level, interpretive graphics feature scientific information about the tree based on its age at the corresponding height of the mural.

The murals extend down into the parking garage, where one can see the roots and soil grounding each tree. At the ground floor a person is shown planting a sapling – making an investment for the future.

All photography is courtesy of Olivia Knapp